Where the Flowers Grow

It is 19.25 as I am typing this and there are + 29 degrees Celsius outside.  So I assume that you can guess how hot it gets here during the day.

It so hot here that the walk from my house to the pool and back seems like a true hurdle to me with the sun shining from the sky like there is no tomorrow. When I take a seat outside and stay there for like five minutes, I can already feel how the sunscreen becomes more and more liquid before it runs down on me.

But despite such unbearable temperatures, flowers actually manage to grow here. To my own, pleasant surprise.

These are some shots I took in my street after a nice, long break in my air conditioned room.

DSC02593 DSC02594 DSC02595 DSC02596 DSC02600

One thought on “Where the Flowers Grow

  1. Yea, Flowers always brighten up the scene. Actually you would be surprised how easy it is to grow a lot of things even in climates that seam hard even on humans with all our tech.


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