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Days Like This One

Today was a rather stressful day. I mean I really do enjoy the new school, the people and the cultural diversity here but sometimes I just come home from school and have a really hard time understanding how some people manage to handle a 35 to 40 hours week and still find time for other things. I guess this is just the way you feel when you get used to something new after a very long break, especially while carrying home four textbooks for IB history alone.

I have made a very interesting observation today though, which is why I have gathered the last remains of my strength to sit down and write about it.

Yesterday was the Saudi National Day and even though I hve not been in town, I assume that people were celebrating it in whatever way one can celebrate things here. Or let’s just say honor.

So today, the majority of my local (yes, I actually DO have Saudi classmates in some of my courses which is sort of cool) and non local classmates showed up to class in the traditional white dress and the red and white scarf on their heads. That was very interesting to observe. So far, Riyadh is the only place where I saw people wear their traditional clothing in everyday life rather than just on special ocassions only. I find that pretty fascinating because whenever you see that, you immediately know that you are in a completely different world.

Here is to new cultural discoveries.


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