How Do Women Eat Or Drink When Covered Up?

While taking a break from my catch up studies for school, I thought I could take the time and answer a question that several people have asked me before I left for Riyadh.

Women in Saudi Arabia must wear an abaya, burqa or niqab when leaving the house. When wearing the burqa or niqab, the woman’s face is covered either entirely or it leaves a little room for the eyes.

So how do you eat or drink when you are covered from head to toe??

I have beeen wondering myself at first but after an observation by coincidence, this question was answered for me easily.

I am not sure whether that applies to the burqa or the niqab in particular, but if a woman wishes to eat or drink, she just lifts the veil (only as much as necessary of course), takes a bite or a sip and puts the veil down again.

Simpler than I thought really.



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