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The Week Starts On Sunday!

A couple of weeks ago, I was posting on my Facebook how strange it is to get up for school on a Sunday. Thereupon, one of my friends seemed to be totally surprised, if not shocked, that I have to attend school on Sunday.

If you are planing to go to Saudi for whatever reason, you should get ready for some slight changes in your working schedule. There are not only the prayer times to work around but you should also be aware of the weekend being different from the one you are familiar with.

Here in Saudi Arabia, as well as in some other countries in the Middle East, the week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday. A couple of months ago, people had Thursday and Friday off but as of now, it has been changed to Friday and Saturday, so that it would be easier to work with international businesses.

So while your family and friends back home are all frustrated about Monday coming up, you will most likely start complaining about Sunday once you are in Saudi. 🙂

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