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Desert Landscapes, Camel Farms

Even though I planned on staying home over the Hajj break, so I could study the material that I have missed, I could not resist and go on a short trip to the desert, about two hours away from Riyadh.


It was more of a stony desert, so I couldn’t find any “desert diamonds”, which are small pieces that look like glass and look like diamonds once polished properly. These can only be found in deserts with more dunes and less stones. However, my company and I found some very interesting looking stones, that looked very much like fossils.

I walked around the place in my abaya despite the burning sun, just in case some locals may show up and I must say it was quite hot but not as hot as I feared it would be. It was not hot enough for me to pass out during our two hour stay, so it can’t have been too bad. Furthermore, that large black cloak prevented the majority of my body from being grilled in the sun. I knew that there is also a practical part to these kinds of clothing. One most always see the positive side of things! 🙂

As we were on our way back, we passed by a camel farm. It was huge, pretty much in the middle of nowhere and the camels there were just so cute! Black camels, light brown camels and even white camels. But not some sort of yellowish white but very light and clean white. Maybe I would even have bought one, if they were not so expensive and if I didn’t have a cat at home already, not to mention how gigantic camels are.

But even though I will probably never own a camel, I at least have this picture to remember this little guy who came to “greet” us, as we were on our way back home . 🙂


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