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Beautiful Places in Riyadh: A Trip to the Edge of the World

This place is commonly known as "the edge of the world".

This place is commonly known as “the edge of the world”.

Recently, somebody stumbled upon my blog through the search term “beautiful places in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia”.  As I have been on another quite amazing trip today, I thought of writing about THE most fascinating place in Riyadh in case there are any other people looking for things to do in the kingdom.

Today I have visited a place that is called “the edge of the world”. It is not the edge of the world literally but it is a place with a fantastic view that may make the one or the other think about the edge of the world.

After driving in the desert near Riyadh for several hours, we came to a place from where one has an impressive view into the valley.

For me it was just a picturesque little spot where one would just feel free while enjoying the view.


This place seems to be popular by locals and expats, based on the remains of ashes in the sand. It seems to be a nice location to come to for a picnic and grill some food. I was told that it gets especially full in the afternoon. Deserts can be very romantic, too. If you choose to come here when it gets dark, you can bring a tent, make a campfire and watch the stars and (mostly) full moon. Either from your fireplace or from the roof of your car. I will make sure to try this out in the remaining ten months that I have in the kingdom.

If you decide to come here (and I would really recommend you to do so), beware that there is no real road in the desert and that the ground is covered with stones and small rocks. For your own safety, make sure your company and you do the trip to this, and any other desert, in two cars. For the desert, a Jeep or some car simillar to that would do best and always have at least one spare tire with you. Getting a flat tire in a desert like this one is easier than you think.

Places like this one are really worth a visit. Personally, whenever I go on such a trip and get to see such landscapes and camels on the street and all the other things Riyadh has to offer, I immediately know that it was surely worth moving here.



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    Saud Alharbi
    January 8, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    I’m a Saudi and I live in Riyadh but I never heard about the Edge of the World before! I gotta say this, I been reading this blog for about two days and It’s really covers some really cool sides of Saudi Arabia that even Saudis didn’t think of. Keep it up!

    • Reply
      January 9, 2014 at 8:24 pm

      Shukran gazilan for the positive feedback! I am glad to see that locals appreciate my work, too. That is surely a nice motivation to keep writing.

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