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Change of Seasons Where Are Thou?

Every morning I wake up to prayer calls.

Despite the fact that they wake me up every day, somewhere around 4.30 in the morning, I still adore the sound of them and let them welcome me to a new day through my window that is always ajar,

When you live in Riyadh, you will notice that the nights and early morning hours are rather cold.  When I leave the house for school in the morning, my abaya is like a blessing, as it keeps me warm but not too warm.

By the time I arrive to school, the sun has risen and I start feeling pleasantly warm again.

However, that is pretty much all there is in terms of weather variations, except for some rain clouds and some rain drops eventually.

And here is where you start to appreciate something once it is gone. As crazy as this may sound to some of you, but I do miss rain. I miss the grayish atmosphere, raindrops hitting me in the face like tiny, icy bullets or just the sight of leaves changing their colors and falling from the trees.

I was just thinking of my weekly visits to the  bookstore back home. How I would walk down the streets of East Berlin, shivering a little from the wind that just came up, despite the warm hat I got from Russia a few years ago, while the illuminated windows of the buildings would look down at me like cats’ eyes.

I think back to when I would enter the store, its warmth embracing me, and look for a book that I would treat myself with. Probably because I did well on a test or maybe not so well, to cheer myself up. It works both ways for me really.

If it was a friday, I would probably go to the next grocery store and complete my spoiling pack with Ritter Sport almond biscuit chocolate that is very typical for Germany during the winter time, and what’s a better way to start the weekend than enjoying books and chocolates late into the night with home-made coffee?.

Yes, I think it is all about the little things in life that make us happy. Even things like rain, books and almond biscuits (chocolate).

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