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On Freezing Cold Exam Days

For those of you who read this blog regularly and have started to wonder whether I have been “swallowed” by the ground lately, I have not. I am still around and today it seems like I finally have some time to write again, after almost one month. I didn’t even notice that a whole month has passed by now. Strange, isn’t it?

So here I am, sitting in the cafeteria on my school’s campus and waiting for my exam to start. My math exam however, starts in about 5 hours or maybe a little bit less than that. Good old German discipline. Better be there 5 hours ahead of time than late.

There is one thing that I have realized about Saudi that still shocks me. It gets cold here! And not just like “oh this is some little breeze we have here”. NO! It gets so cold here, that I end up showing up to school in a thick sweater, scarf and jacket and I still shiver like I live on the North Pole.

I have made it on campus just a few minutes ago and I tell you what, my hands are clinging to that hot  cup of hot chocolate in front of me  like my life depends on it!!!

Anyways, today I hope to finally ace my last exam for this semester and then I should be able to write about the road trip I had a couple of weeks back.


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