Advice I’d Give My Daughter- The Post That Has Nohing to Do With Saudi Arabia Itself

This morning I was posting the list below on my other blog, when I thought that it might be a good thing to share it here as well.

It is a list of suggestions that I came up with, that I would give my daughter when I have one, one day. These things are either something I learned from my own, oh so short, life or from those of others.

I know that this has nothing to do with Saudi in particular but some of the things I have listed here come from experiences I have had in this country. So I guess this post more or less qualifies to be here.

Since I can imagine that many of my readers here are women, I thought some may be interested in seeing what a young, “inexperienced” girl like me will have to say about life. I bet that some of you, men or women, will be surprised.

Enjoy, my darlings!

1. Actions speak louder than words.

2. Don’t take everything literally. There is always a hidden meaning to things.

3. Avoid being financially dependent on someone. Especially men.

4. Never let a person alone be responsible for YOUR happiness.

5. You may not be alone but nobody else will do things for you. Learn to stand on your own as soon as you can.

6. Don’t make definite plans for the future and rely on them. Things will turn out more different than you can imagine.

7. Always be open to change. To new places and new people. They are likely to bring out the best in you or teach you a lesson you won’t forget.

8. Being with people is important. But there is nothing wrong with being on your own every now and then either.

9. You’re beautiful the way you are, no matter what others say. Even me.

10. Never pretend to be somebody you aren’t.

11. If somebody wants you to be in his/ her life, they will make room for you and invite you to be part of it. If you have to fight and struggle for a space, they are not worth it.

12. Always be  ready for disappointment in life, but never let it crush you.

13. Travel as much as you can.

14. If it feels wrong, DON’T do it.

15. Even if it feels right, think before doing it.

16. People rarely really change. It’s just the mask that falls off.

17. THAT man is not the last one in your life. Stop weeping and move on. Other mothers have handsome sons, too.

18. Never make big decisions or take actions when you are very angry or overly happy.

19. You can’t plan on  relationships. They happen unexpectedly with the most unexpected people.

20. However, choose the man with brains in his head over a man with only money in his wallet. If he is smart, he’ll know how to be sustainable. If not, all his wealth will be gone before you can say paycheck.

21. The more closed-minded you are, the more likely is it that life will give you a lesson to change your perspective. Be ready to accept that this is a good thing.

22. If you have to argue with me in order to make your point, ARGUE!

23. I’m always there for you.

24. If you feel down and candy can’t fix it, day dreaming will.

25. There’s no harm in knowing one more language.

26. The first impression you get of people is often very misleading. Give it time before you make up your mind!

27. Listen to your parents but always keep your own wishes and ambitions in mind. Parents don’t know everything in this world.

28. Avoid judging people. You don’t know their story and they don’t know yours.

29. Hands off the alcohol.

30. Learn to say no.

31. Hard work always pays off.

32. Being different is awesome.

33. Divorce is inevitable. It can happen to anyone. Don’t let the fear of it ruin your family plans.

34. Everything will turn out well, eventually.

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