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Mature Cheddar on Tour! British Cheese Fans in Berlin

Berlin is known to be a city that is full of tourists. So full, that sometimes I have real difficulties to tell whether the person in front of me is a local or a tourist. The line in front of the Reichstag, that one can see all the way from the train window on the tracks, is there all year, except for the days when the building is not open to visitors.

Actually, I wanted to write about how people’s paths cross unexpectedly because I had another such experience today, or better two in a row, but I guess that is gonna be on here tomorrow.

Instead, I want to tell you guys about some British tourists that I saw on the train today.

I noticed them on the platform already. They were a group of men, all dressed in the same white T-Shirts, speaking English with a heavy British accent. On the front of their shirts it said: Mature Cheddar on Tour. Then there was a photo of a guy with a piece of cheese in each hand. Below I could read “Berlin 2013″.

On the back the guys had the lyrics of Eurythmics’s “Sweet Dreams” printed. However, the British guys changed the lyrics a little, making it come as close to cheese as possible. It started with “Sweet dreams are made of cheese”, and continued with some lines that I cannot recall anymore, but I still know that one of them was: “I cheddar the world and the Feta cheese”. Additionally, each of the British gentlemen had the name of a type of cheese printed above the edited lyrics.

I really don’t know why someone would express his love for cheese in that way or what the actual purpose of these T-Shirts was, other than confusing everyone who understands at least a bit of English.

This made me think of my journalism final exam last year in high school. I was supposed to interview some of our teachers, as my teammates and I were supposed to report on a car accident (All fake obviously. That was the story we used for the final but the accident did not really happen. The teachers were so kind to play along as witnesses and so on). One of the driver’s names that I was interviewing was Mr. Buckminster Cheese.

So yeah, that was surely a fun thing to observe. And this is a thing I like about Berlin. There are interesting and funny and strange people all over the place.

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