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Berlin People Watch (Part Two)

After the first list, here comes the continuation from the last two weeks.


1. In order to escape subscriptions to some sort of Green Peace stuff, offered to you by charming, young students, have the phrase “I don’t have a German bank account” ready.

2. I don’t know about you but based on what I know, the purpose of a belt is to keep the pants up. If that is not happening, chances are you are doing something wrong.

3. If, for whatever reason, you have the urge to observe people of strange behavior, visit Berlin Central station or any bus stop near a clinic. However, be ready to run for your life at any moment…

4. Berlinish takeaway stands are not as bad as you may think. They are cheap, too.

5. If you give money to a homeless person in the street, there is a high chance that more of them will come up to you, holding their hand out.

6. I really wish I could balance stuff on my head like the African lady on the subway yesterday. That was impressive.

7. So you skinheads hate immigrants and non- Germans, huh? Nevertheless you have no problem with hitting on a foreign woman in the streets of Berlin as I see. What an ‘interesting’ paradox, don’t you think? Make up your mind you fools! Oh wait…you didn’t know!

8. How come it is okay for a guy to walk around town shirtless with a beer gut but when a Muslim woman shows up covered in public it is considered almost a scandal?

9. When it comes to catching the train that is about to leave, even women in abayas and long coats can run as fast as sprinters.

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