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Streets of Berlin: Kreuzberg District

Today’s findings from the streets of Berlin in the district of Kreuzberg. In search for things to take pictures of, I remembered some street art works that I spotted during my first visit last winter.

While I was looking forward to a nice lunch at Amrit, one of the Indian restaurants in the street, I grabbed my camera and went picture hunting. 🙂 Here is what I found:





Yeah, I wonder who the Fred he is…



Lunch at Amrit restaurant. The closest I can get to Arabic kabsa thus far. Absolutely delicious!


Welcome to Berlin, where in one building you can find a mosque, an Arabic travel agency and a butcher. A few meters away there is a Turkish restaurant and a German place with ‘Spetzle’. Multi culti or what?


My first thought was that this is a Banksy but I am not sure really. Any ideas?


The banner says: Convenience store for revolution accessoires.


That must be why the street smelled so…”suspicious”?

DSC03495 DSC03494 DSC03493 DSC03491 DSC03478 DSC03480 DSC03481 DSC03482 DSC03487 DSC03471 DSC03472 DSC03474 DSC03476 DSC03469 DSC03466 DSC03465 DSC03462

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