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Saturday morning. I just finished my last college entrance exam, which I already knew I didn’t pass a few hours ago and now here I was on my way to solo traveling the beautiful city of Lisboa in Portugal. 

Heavy smell of freshly brewed coffee, clicking of coins, voices of people speaking different languages, rustling of paper. Security anouncements. They are made in German, English and because there are so many of them here, meanwhile even in Turkish.

An old lady was sitting next to me. Just sitting there and looking around. All of a sudden the ringing of a phone cut through all the other layers of random noises. It was so loud, I had to have a look around to see where it came from. The lady looked around too but just the same as before. It took her a couple of seconds until her hand disappeared in the pocket of her knit jacket to get the phone out. How can you not notice such a loud noise?.

As usual when I am travelling, I already felt the headache approach even before I boarded the plane. Headache, actually that was the first new word I learned when I had to use English on a daily basis. I should have taken an Aspirin or something of that sort but what about water? Three euros! Three bloody euros for a bottle of water and not even half a liter! I should own an airport at some point of my life. I think that would be a great source of income. Maybe the airport of Berlin will be finished at some point? Maybe even in this life?

Three euros…bloody hell, no! I will just wait until I am seated on the plane. Don’t they always serve something to drink? One look at my ticket and there dies my hope. Snacks for purchase says it in black letters. Well, if there is no water, then I guess I can use a dryer method. What did my journalism professor say? Use a newspaper. Grab one of the free newspapers from the stand, hold it in front of my face and breathe slowly. Breathing ink actually helps if there is nothing else left to do.

And now here we go, 25 minutes of delay. When was the last time something actually went according to plan in this country? Well, the plane came from Brussles so I guess that could explain it.  

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