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Show Discontent the German Way


If you look closely, you will see the word ‘NEIN’ (German for no) written on the window in tape.

The people here are quite creative when it comes to showing discontent. Just recently I have seen a poster on one of the bus stops, announcing a demonstration somewhere in town. The name of the demo was something like ‘saving the world quickly’. It was an environment related demo. The poster was colorful with something that looked like hand-made drawings. Creative, as I said.

As for the picture in this post, I spent some time wondering what exactly it would be a no to. Maybe someone just decided to do this for the hell of it. So that people looked up and wondered. But then I remembered that there has been a huge protest in the district of Friedrichshain since the government decided to get rid of a row of beautiful trees in order to build a house with apartments for students in it.

As someone who used to live in this district a few years ago (the house in the picture is the building I used to live in, only a few steps from the famous Alexanderplatz), I surely felt sorry for the loss of the beautiful trees and was indeed shocked to see a sign announcing the building of a new apartment house.

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