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Library Moments or: Who Wants to be Smart Needs to Suffer

I am sitting here for a while now. An uncomfortable wooden chair at a desk but at least they were all free immediately when I came into the room. It is quarter to four by now. My head seems to be literally forging out plans on how to kill me nice and slow but since I am having finals coming up this Friday (about which all of us found out TODAY), I guess all I can do is sit here, take it and try to get something done.

My grandparents always say Wer schön sein will, muss leiden. Who wants to be pretty needs to suffer. I find it kind of funny that no one has ever mentioned this proverb in the context of cramming or more importantly: in the context of being smart. It’s not like you don’t have to go through a bunch of uncomfortable stuff in order to make people believe you are intelligent. I mean look at me now. I am sitting here and I am wondering how much longer it is until that lunch from 5 hours ago lands on this nice wooden table in front of me and on top of my notes. Even the newest Aspirin has no power here and all people can tell me is that it is my duty to be a beautiful, desirable woman? C’mon world!

I am surrounded by the shelves of the geography section on the ground floor. In front of me there are all the books about Australia, Germany, Argentina and Venezuela. A book by Bill Bryson is sitting there on the shelf and looking right at me. Bill Bryson…didn’t we just have him in English recently? ‘Breakfast with Kangaroos’ it says on the back. What a title…

Behind me the story continues with everything from Japan to Uzbekistan to Africa over Canada to Thailand. Now I really start wondering how this whole organization system in this library works. I mean, why is there a whole stack of China books on the other side of the room? Isn’t China right behind me??

The light shining down on me is something between a very light hospital white and yellow. No matter what it is, it still feels like at a hospital. I have finished my first stack of notes and found a hard copy of Henecka’s Basics of Sociology…now why do the print out pages in my folder not match the actual pages in the damn book??? (I guess by the way all of this is written you guys can assume this was originally a freewrite).

Remember the movies and maybe even your own high school times when the librarian always told you to be quiet? Well, looks like that only applies to movies and high school because out there in the real world (or maybe just in Germany) nobody cares.

The sky out the window is dark grey. I bet it will be raining buckets in a while and I don’t have an umbrella with me today. You know how Russian speakers would call this? ‘An irony of fate’.

Well, alright, time to get back to sociology and Henecka that doesn’t match my handouts, and my killing headache.


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