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Celebrating 25 Years of Unity and Rights and Freedom

When I was a little girl, still living in Belarus, I did not know about the Berlin Wall. I did not know about the cold war or about the fact that one country was once divided into two, just by a concrete wall.

But today, as I am now somewhat of a grown up and have several years of history class behind me, I can’t really believe that I am yet again witnessing such an important historical event, just as I couldn’t believe it when I lived in Kosovo when Albania celebrated 100 years of independence.

Who would have thought, back in the days of my childhood, that one day I will be living and studying in Berlin to join thousands, and I really mean thousands of people (the last time I have been around so many people at once was at a market in Saudi Arabia) to celebrate one of the most important national holidays of German history?

Yesterday I already paid a visit to the Brandenburg Gate to have a look at the Lichtergrenze, an art project made of a chain of lights that follows the streets of Berlin for about 15 km where the wall used to be.

I am off to the second part of the event in a few hours. Till then I hope you enjoy these pictures! 😉


DSC04801 DSC04802

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