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Many things that I have written so far were somewhere between positive and critical. I must admit that sometimes, and especially because now I live in such a big city with so many people and things going on, there are a lot of things that, as one would say in German, ‘go me animally on the cookie’ or to keep it in English, just really annoy me.

So today I decided to sit down and think about the things that people like me love about living here in Berlin.

Feel inspired! 🙂


long walks by the riverside,

reading on the train on a Friday afternoon right after lectures, 

the singing of the birds in the park, 

sunshine falling through the last autumn leaves on the trees, 

the sound of languages from all over the world,

the sunrise and sunset out of the train window,

quiet hours at the library, 

the feeling of morning air after the rain, 

meeting new people in cafés ,

finding inexpensive little things in the store that you didn’t know you needed until you saw them,

fresh fallen snow under one’s feet, 

special winter editions of  one’s favorite chocolates, 

the smell of cotton candy, roasted almonds and fried sweet chestnuts mixing with the icy air in the streets.

street musicians and artists on Alexanderplatz,

finding your new favorite book in the English section of a bookshop,

church bells cutting through the mid day silence.  




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