By Roman

The capital is Techno, the capital is sexy, the capital is wild. But above all, you are what you eat, and in Berlin we eat Currywurst. Whether it’s after a late-night booze up, for lunch or just a quick snack between meals, the Currywurst warms both the heart and the stomach. We love it and we want to know more about this “Street Caviar”. That’s why we’ve arranged to meet up with Roman – a native Berliner and Currywurst-lover: someone who knows his onions! He’s tried pretty much every Currywurst in town, but his favourite is still Curry 36.

Exterior view of Curry 36 in Kreuzberg, Berlin's best currywurst snack bar.

There are days when you just love your job. Today is one of those days. At exactly 3pm, we close our laptops, throw our coats on and we’re off! We hop onto the U-Bahn line 1, change to line 6 at Hallesches Tor and in less than 10 minutes, we’re at Mehringdamm. From the station there’s a good 100 metres walk and our mouths are really starting to water. (Keep reading here)

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