Guest Post: 24 Hours as a Solo Female Traveler in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

It has already been a surprise to me when I was contacted for the first time by a young woman living in Saudi Arabia asking for a feature of her 24 Hours as a Solo Female Traveler in Riyadh post back in 2016.

The controversy of the subject of Saudi Arabia may have been one reason for the success of my blog Lost in Riyadh (see page above for all posts) even after I had stopped posting regularly upon my return to Europe.

I am now more than  happy to feature another guest post of the female solo travel series in Saudi Arabia brought to my attention through a very charming comment on the first solo female travel guest post. This time we get to follow Traveller on a Mission on her trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia accompanied by plenty of visual material, my favorites being her shots of the old town. Read the full post here and thanks for stopping by!

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