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The ‘Washroom Wisdom’ of German Teens

If you would have a look into German classrooms, you would probably observe that the kids sitting in these classrooms (or at least a large portion of them) don’t participate much. Usually they just sit there, look at the teacher and hope that they can somehow make it through the semester without saying a word and if all works well, maybe even the final grades at the end of the year (70% class participation,…

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Library Moments or: Who Wants to be Smart Needs to Suffer

I am sitting here for a while now. An uncomfortable wooden chair at a desk but at least they were all free immediately when I came into the room. It is quarter to four by now. My head seems to be literally forging out plans on how to kill me nice and slow but since I am having finals coming up this Friday (about which all of us found out TODAY), I…

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Berlin commentary Germany Life Stories

These 10 Minutes on the Bus and Elsewhere that Call One’s Appreciation of Men into Question

Are you seeing anyone?, asked my godmother one night while we were having our Skype conversation. No, I said for the millionth time. I think that should be pretty obvious by now. I don’t even know why people keep asking me that. She doesn’t say anything. Nobody ever does, except for the curious strangers on my travels who like to add a ‘why?’ after I have given my standard response or told them…

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