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I Packed My Bag- Things That You Should Bring With You to KSA

I remember the night when I was all awake even though it was already 1 in the morning and my flight to Riyadh ¬†was in eight hours. I stood there, my bunker of a ¬†suitcase open and a bunch of my stuff spread all over the room. I had 20 kilograms available, a ton of things and I was traveling to a place where I have never been before. So naturally, I…

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Experiences in a Nutshell – Advice For Future Expats

From my very arrival in the kingdom up until now, I have faced some situations, or what I would call cultural lessons, that taught me something about how to handle life here, especially as a non- Saudi. For the future Saudi expats among my readers or those who are just generally interested, here is a list of things that you should keep in mind and things you may want to do once…

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Keep Calm and Hope On. It’s Just the Working Ethics

If you chose to come to Saudi Arabia because of a tempting job offer, you will most likely hear about many awesome things concerning this place from your future colleagues, or former employees that have worked there. You will hear about luxurious compounds to live on, gasoline that is cheaper than water, marvelous travel destinations and, of course, a mouth watering salary. What nobody will probably tell you however is how difficult…

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