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Berlin for Less

Germany’s capital is a destination for almost every hobby traveler. Whether you like art, historical sightseeing, long walks through the city or just want to enjoy nightlife, Berlin is surely the right place for you. With the right approach, it may even be a city for those on a low budget.  City Tours Berlin’s variety of historical monuments is certainly worth exploring. You can do so by joining a free city tour,…

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A Thank You Note to YOU!

Dear readers, it has been a while since the last time that I have been active on this blog. In fact, I am surprised that even during the months of my return to Germany, there were still one or two occasions on which I had enough words in order to leave them on here for you to read. Each of my returns to this blog has indeed been a pleasure for me. It’s…

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I Am a Stranger Here Myself

Originally this was my English assignment that I was doing tonight for next week’s class. A 350 word essay inspired by a book with the same title by Bill Bryson. I must say I felt a little underchallanged at this point. Three hundred and fifty words only? Seriously? But then I realized this might actually be some nice material for my Berlin blog. So here you are, folks. 🙂 Pretty much my…

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Stories From the Airport

Saturday morning. I just finished my last college entrance exam, which I already knew I didn’t pass a few hours ago and now here I was on my way to solo traveling the beautiful city of Lisboa in Portugal.  Heavy smell of freshly brewed coffee, clicking of coins, voices of people speaking different languages, rustling of paper. Security anouncements. They are made in German, English and because there are so many of…

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Alternative Tourism: Panzerkaserne, Soviet Military Base Near Bernau

A week or so ago, I joined the online platform, where I stumbled upon a conversation about abandoned places in Berlin.  Driven by my curiosity about everything new and because the touristy, regular Berlin can become very boring after a particular amount of time, I met up with some of the couchsurfers the next day to go see an abandoned military casern called Panzerkaserne, a little bit inside a forrest near…

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Why German Politics Are so Funny to Observe

My former school in Saudi Arabia had a Model UN club that pretty much everyone could join. At the very beginning I was as keen as mustard (I just looked up this idiom online. Let’s just say I was very enthusiastic) to join this club. I mean it is MODEL UN CLUB! How awesome would that look on my résumé, right? But as I spent some time thinking about the offer, I finally…

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German Bureaucracy 101 or How Polyglotism Killed Boredom

Is there anything more boring than spending hours in a fully crowded room, sitting on a bench that is as hard as a rock, staring at a screen on the wall and waiting for one’s number to show up in red digits, so that one can finally finish the appointment? I guess there are not many things that can be more dull than that but today I realized that depending on the…

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The East German Grocery Store: Today’s Remains of the Cold War

  Recently I have read a book whose plot was set during the Cold War. In there, I read a joke that went something like this: How do you determine the wind direction if you live  in the GDR? You put a banana on the Berlin Wall. The side on which you see the bite is the East. I chose this as an introduction because the joke demonstrates the desire to consume the…

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We the People of Alexanderplatz

After moving around Berlin for a couple of years, from one apartment and district to the next, I ended up living in the center of Berlin. The building was only a few meters away from one of Berlin’s most famous places. Just a few meters down the street, was the Alexanderplatz. The place itself is nothing special. It is just a lot of concrete with several shopping malls, hotels and some monuments on…

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