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Blogging on Saudi Arabia: Best of Search Engine Terms

I have always been wondering about the people who are reading this blog. More importantly: in the vast dimension of the internet, how on earth did they come across my blog among so many others? Algorithms provide an interesting angle from which one can look at this question. My analytics page shows me some of the search terms which have been used before the link to this blog has been clicked. I…

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Guest Post:24hrs in Riyadh- Female Solo Travel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Yes, you read it correctly. I did actually put the words Saudi Arabia, female and solo travel next to each other and I am just as excited about that possibility to occur as some of my readers may be confused. 🙂 For a blogger or a writer of any sorts, there is nothinng better than getting in touch with his or her readers. Since I started this blog, I have received many  E- Mails from…

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A Book Nerd’s Heaven

“I have spent way too much money this month”, my friend Aidah said thoughtfully. I agreed with a nod she couldn’t see and we both crossed the street in the Prenzlauer Berg district, not sure where exactly we were headed. “Look!”, she exclaimed out of nowhere, “a book store! Let’s go in.” In front of the large window stood a row of tables with books that looked as if they had already been read…

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What is Education in University?

The first semester is officially over but now that I think about it, I don’t really know if I have learned anything entirely new. I am not so sure about whether there has ever been a moment when I said to myself: “Wow, there is no way I would have known this or that about the German government system or the Cold War or research methodology. had I not been in university.”…

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Service Denied

I came across something on my Facebook feed today that sparked in me a new load of thoughts that may keep this blog going. There was a video about how a Starbucks in Saudi Arabia had denied service to women and asked for their drivers to get the coffee instead. Dear haters and critics out there, I don’t want to proclaim that Saudi Arabia is a paradise for women (not by comparison to other…

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Faith in Humanity

This Saturday, I have miraculously managed to get out of bed despite the thick snowflakes out of my window and a sky so dark, my bed seemed more comfortable than ever. Yet, I decided to try and do something for my future by attending a career fair at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the hope that my Political Science major is, after all, not as useless as all the economists and accountants…

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Learning German? Read These Books!

A friend of mine who has embarked on the tedious yet adventurous journey of learning German, has asked me whether I could recommend any German books to read. Dumbstruck as usual whenever someone asks me to recommend something, I immediately forgot about any book I had ever seen or read in my whole life and started staring aimlessly into space. What is a book and what am I supposed to do with…

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End of Term Thoughts

It’s been three hours since I have been sitting inside the Philological library of my university (we lovingly call it “the brain” because of its shape) and I can’t believe that I have another two hours until my French seminar, which I actually can’t afford not to attend and therefore don’t have time to go back home in between. Looking at the bright side of things, my desperation may have been bigger…

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The Smell of Dusty Books

The pile of cardboard boxes has been standing around in my corridor for nearly six months. I postponed the business of sorting the things inside them for as long as I could, giving priority to college and- housework. I just didn’t like moving houses including the acts of packing and unpacking things, especially if they weren’t mine. But once I opened the first box a few days ago and ran my hands through…

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Peaks and Valleys

  Originally posted on my very first blog Peace.Joy.Pancake.   If it weren’t for the sad moments in life, we probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good and happy ones. Yet sometimes the good feelings take total control of us and sometimes the bad feelings do. Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for an hour or two but the worst case scenario, or the best depending on the feeling, is when it takes…

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