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what to do in riyadh

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Guest Post:24hrs in Riyadh- Female Solo Travel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Yes, you read it correctly. I did actually put the words Saudi Arabia, female¬†and solo travel next to each other and I am just as excited about that possibility to occur as some of my readers may be confused. ūüôā For a blogger or a writer of any sorts, there is nothinng better¬†than getting in touch with his or her readers. Since I started this blog, I have received many¬†¬†E- Mails from…

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Desert Landscapes, Camel Farms

Even though I planned on staying home over the Hajj break, so I could study the material that I have missed, I could not resist and go on a short trip to the desert, about two hours away from Riyadh. It was more of a stony desert, so I couldn’t find any “desert diamonds”, which are small pieces that look like glass and look like diamonds once polished properly. These can only…

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