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Mastering German Bureaucracy 101.3: The Fault in Our Stereotypes

During our first English lesson in college last week, we started talking about national identities. Starting with characteristics of a certain nation, having many to choose from considering the variety of nationalities one can find in my group only, going over to stereotypes¬†¬†we have about a country and its people. One of the most common stereotypes I am confronted with as an ‘almost German’ when meeting people from abroad, is the idea…

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Mastering German Bureaucracy 101.1: To the Internationals Among Us

“Will you please put a accreditation stamp on a copy for me?” “The document is a German one, yes?” “No, it is an American…Saudi-ish… one.” “Sorry, I can’t do that. You’ll have to go to the consulate of wherever you got this from.” Back to the Saudi embassy, I thought to myself. Wow…can this day get any better? I tried to get out of the tiny room in the red hall of…

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