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Riyadh Q & A: Transitioning Between Cultures

Last week my Lost in Riyadh Facebook page has reached 1000 likes! Since then I have been thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion beyond the usual thank you post. Looking through my old entries that once composed my Lost in Riyadh blog right before GDPR came along in the EU, I found a comment by a reader from back in 2014. Tonight, to celebrate my blog’s wide outreach, I would like to…

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German- Saudi Culture Week 2014

During my first years in Germany, I have visited all sorts of fairs and so called “culture weeks”. Be it the annual Grüne Woche or ‘Green Week’, an exhibition to get to know the Russian Federation, The Long Night of Science or The Long Night of Religions. Berlin has them all and this week, even Saudi Arabia made it to the area between the Sony Center and various cafés near the Potsdamer Platz.…

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On Berlin’s Cultural Diversity

If I was asked to describe Berlin in terms of weather, I would need only one word. Bipolar. After nine months in steady warmth and sunshine day in, day out, I am back to Europe where the weather changes almost within hours. The day may start clear with a blue sky and sunshine only to turn grey and cold a few hours later. But even on days like these, I can still…

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