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Riyadh Q & A: Transitioning Between Cultures

Last week my Lost in Riyadh Facebook page has reached 1000 likes! Since then I have been thinking about ways to celebrate the occasion beyond the usual thank you post. Looking through my old entries that once composed my Lost in Riyadh blog right before GDPR came along in the EU, I found a comment by a reader from back in 2014. Tonight, to celebrate my blog’s wide outreach, I would like to…

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Happy Halloween

For the last couple of days, on the news feeds of my social media accounts, Halloween jokes have been shared and costumes and make-up presented with a pinch of pride. Growing up in Berlin and never having been anywhere┬ánear the United States or Canada, this holiday had always appeared to me as something…let’s just say “rather American”. Even though one can find tons of decorations for this theme, I have never seen…

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What You May Want to Know About Russian Women

It was the day of my high school graduation. I was sitting on the stage of the Larkin Theater on campus while the stage lights were shining into my face. The British ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was standing on a small podium, addressing us graduating seniors. Meanwhile my parents were sitting in the audience and as the ceremony was approaching the end, my German dad asked my Belarusian mom,…

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