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Book Review: Let’s Take Berlin by Jessica Guzik

Have you ever been planning a trip, a short vacation or maybe even an entire move to another country for so and so many months or years? If you have, then you surely have at times wanted to know what may await you at your destination . What is life like outside the tourist bubble? What can I get at the supermarket? What do people eat after a hangover? etc. I can…

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New Neighborhoods, New Attitudes

The family homes kept vanishing as the car made its way through the Saturday traffic of Spandau district. Before I knew it, the landscape around me became green with the trees of the local forest. As I carried my few suitcases up the stairs to the third floor, I decided that it was about time I became a minimalist if I planned to move apartments more often over the next couple of…

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A Stroll Through Treptower Park

The tooting sound comes on, the red light above the door flashes and then they close. The train leaves. I mix with the rest of the people on the platform and the fact that someone constantly keeps bumping into my backpack from behind is slowly getting on my nerves, so I walk faster. ‘Sorry, we are already closed. We work until 12 in the afternoon’, says the guard at the Belarusian embassy…

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