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The German Space Bubble

During  Psychology class in junior year of high school, our teacher talked about the psychological “phenomenon” of the so called space bubble. The space bubble defines how close or far away a person stands from you while communicating or interacting with you in any other way or form and the size of the space bubble varies from culture to culture. So some people may stand very close to you while talking and…

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Dandelion Skeletons High in the Trees

My café au lait came in a big white bowl. Finally things start being worth their money, I thought and happily took it from the waitress. My first serving of coffee in about two months and in such a big portion. It must have been a good day, even though I had to learn that the office hours of the enrollment center of my university were listed wrong on their website, meaning…

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The ‘Washroom Wisdom’ of German Teens

If you would have a look into German classrooms, you would probably observe that the kids sitting in these classrooms (or at least a large portion of them) don’t participate much. Usually they just sit there, look at the teacher and hope that they can somehow make it through the semester without saying a word and if all works well, maybe even the final grades at the end of the year (70% class participation,…

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Berlin Before Sunrise

An empty bus station standing there alone in the street. Everything is dark. Only the light behind the glass is shining. Behind the glass of the advertisement poster. Of course the light has to be on, or else no one will know why they should buy the newest Surface. The bus arrives after several minutes in the dark and in light rain, the cold wind gets through my jacket. Some people would laugh…

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Stories From the Airport

Saturday morning. I just finished my last college entrance exam, which I already knew I didn’t pass a few hours ago and now here I was on my way to solo traveling the beautiful city of Lisboa in Portugal.  Heavy smell of freshly brewed coffee, clicking of coins, voices of people speaking different languages, rustling of paper. Security anouncements. They are made in German, English and because there are so many of…

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Berlin at 9 a.m. (Random Thoughts Part I)

Cigarette smoke filling the air while someone waits for the bus to arrive. One, two, three whole cigarettes in only five minutes, then it’s time to leave. We are told to show our bus tickets upon entering but in fact, the driver has stopped caring long ago. A free seat near the window. Shall I take it or not? I might. I still feel tired from a night full of nightmares and no…

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Berlin People Watch (Part Two)

After the first list, here comes the continuation from the last two weeks.   1. In order to escape subscriptions to some sort of Green Peace stuff, offered to you by charming, young students, have the phrase “I don’t have a German bank account” ready. 2. I don’t know about you but based on what I know, the purpose of a belt is to keep the pants up. If that is not…

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Things People Do

  When you have lived in a place for a very long time and have seen everything there is to see, there is still something that makes going to town an interesting experience. I have recently been to Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, which is also known as Kochstraße. It used to be a historical place during the cold war. The things that remind of that time today are some tourist attractions and…

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Berlin People Watch (Part One)

I spend most of my time on trains. The Berlinish public transport system would pretty much not be able to survive without them. At least once a year the train staff goes on a strike, turning Berlin into a total disaster of hundreds of people squeezing into one wagon and mothers encouraging their little kids to kick back the adults if they accidentally hurt them in the crowds. But besides being an important part of my…

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