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About Poetry

  It was a small gathering and to be brutally honest, it was only a matter of coincidence and good luck that I remembered┬áthe little note in my calendar. In school they used to tell us that if it didn’t rhyme, it wasn’t poetry so when she told me that in her writing, there was no such thing as a metrical pattern, I was yet again convinced that my whole school life…

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Berlin Germany Life Stories Observations

A Walk in the Afternoon (Random Thoughts Part II)

  A walk down the street. Past cars, past houses and past flowers. Rail tracks. Never used and yet still there. Birds singing, dogs barking, children’s’ laughs of joy. Men playing volleyball, seniors riding┬ábikes. Families in the grass on picnic towels. Shisha smoke and curry and pommes frites. Girls in hijab swimming in the lake. In their regular clothes. Wind blowing through the grass, planes taking off above my head. Splashing of…

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